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Twitter Instructions

How to Facebook


  1. Go to On the right, find the “Sign Up” heading, and fill in the spaces below it with your first name, last name, email, chosen password, sex and birthdate. Afterwards, click “Sign Up.”

  2. On the next page, complete the security check by re-typing the letters you see in the box. Then click “Sign Up.”

  3. Go to your email and look for one titled “Just one more step to get started on Facebook.” Once you’ve opened the email, simply click on the link provided there.

  4. You can then go through Steps 1 and 2 (finding and adding your friends on Facebook using your email address), Step 3 (providing information for your Facebook profile), and Step 4 (adding a photo to your Facebook profile). You can also skip those steps and come back to them later.

  5. To find BAC International Union on Facebook, simply go to At the top of the BAC page, click the “Like” button to make sure you are subscribed to BAC’s Facebook posts.

  6. In order to view BAC’s Facebook posts, you can always return to or simply go to your News Feed, which will show posts from BAC and any other friends you add/pages you “Like.”

You are now following BAC on Facebook!

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